Dunkin’ introduced a new Beyond Meat sausage patty nationwide and I figured, “Why not?”

While picking up the food, I ordered their Beyond Sausage sandwich along with a traditional sausage breakfast sandwich.  They ran $3.99 a piece and I was off to do a taste test with friends.

Unfortunately they weren’t made the same. The Beyond Sausage sandwich came with a muffin while the regular real meat sausage was in a croissant.

Even with the differences, I continued on with the taste test. After divvying up the food, the real meat sausage was he clear cut winner. Everybody agreed that the Beyond Meat version was decent receiving comments like it was a little more artisanal in flavor, the patty was slightly on the drier side and a thicker bite. The texture was spongy with a bit more chew but good enough that nobody would have passed up on it. With its sharp aftertaste, we all knew immediately it wasn’t real meat.

Everyone who participated in the blind taste test was a carnivore so their experiences with Beyond Meat were limited. Would a vegetarian like this? None of us could answer that question.

Obviously the popularity of Beyond Meat and Impossible is picking up so many restaurants are trying to get in on the lion’s share.

Would I go out of my way to order it again? Probably not. Would I eat it again if it was placed in front of me for free? Sure but that’s not saying much.

Happy Dining,

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