Checking out Boones Pickins in Andover, KS

I receive plenty of restaurant recommendations every week. Most of the time, they are places I’ve already been to in town but Boones Pickins was totally new to me. It’s been on my list for quite some time but just haven’t been in the area. Lately there’s been a big uptick in requests to go so I moved it up my priority list.

213 W Central Ave
Andover, Kansas 67002

Tuesday: 4pm – 8pm
Wednesday – Saturday: 11am – 8pm
Closed on Sunday & Monday


Cash/Card Accepted

Boones Pickins is located in Andover, KS at the southwest corner of Central & Andover Road in the same strip that holds Spauldings and Rio Grill Cantina.

This was one review I wish I had brought multiple people with me to try an assortment of things on the menu. It came so highly recommended by multiple people, I feel like I was doing a disservice just trying a couple items.

For my visit, I went with their Mighty Dinner which cost $11.99 and my choice of two meats and two sides. I went with ribs and burnt ends. For my sides, I chose baked beans and Mediterranean pasta. Everything came out quick and looked very appetizing.

Starting off with the beans, I didn’t notice too much there to differentiate itself from any other beans I’ve tried. But the Mediterranean pasta was a big hit. It was basically pasta salad with spaghetti noodles. As a big pasta salad fan, I could have eaten this as a meal by itself. I loved its simplicity and subtle coat of dressing on the noodles; very light and refreshing.

Moving on to the meats, the ribs didn’t quite resonate with my taste buds. They were a little on the dry and tough side. While there was no shortage of meat on the bones, I couldn’t detect any sort of marinade, rub or anything. I’m no BBQ expert and will never claim to be but from an average guy coming in for dinner, they fell flat for me. What I did like were the burnt ends. There was a nice smokey, caramelized flavor to them with a bark-like exterior and a fatty, juicy bite underneath. I found myself eating them one by one and appreciating each bite.

The meal was a 50/50 for me. Half of it was fantastic while the other half was a letdown for me. But once I considered how incredibly friendly the entire staff was not just to me but other diners, I knew that was good enough of a reason to return to explore other meats.

As with any review,  it’s all subjective (especially BBQ), so it’s definitely a restaurant to considering trying at least once if you’ve never been.

Here’s their menu:

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