First Look at Ninza Sushi East

One of my favorite sushi restaurants in town is Ninza Sushi which is located out west. They also own Blue Fin in downtown Wichita. To my delight, they have opened a third sushi restaurant in the former McAllisters Deli Space on Rock Road.

306 N Rock Rd. Suite 20.
Wichita, KS, 67206

Monday – Thursday: 11am – 9pm
Friday: 11am – 10:30pm
Saturday: 12pm – 10:30pm
Sunday: 12pm – 9:30pm


Cash/Card Accepted

We loved the new space. There was plenty of seating to go around.

The restaurant also came with an expanded menu which you can view at the end of this blog.

We started our dinner off with gyoza and takoyaki which were basically octopus balls. The kids loved the gyoza but everybody else was rather lukewarm on the takoyaki. They were a little dry and didn’t offer too much outside of the breading. Fortunately, we came primarily for the sushi.

Our dinner rolls consisted of:

  • Spicy Baked Salmon Roll
  • Spicy Salmon Roll
  • Crunch Roll
  • Alaska Roll

All of our rolls came out in a very timely manner which was fantastic since the restaurant started to fill up fast.

After being disappointed by our takoyaki, our taste buds did a complete 180 with the sushi. We loved every single bite. The baked salmon roll which came out on fire was probably the highlight not just visually but for our appetites too. The baked salmon had a very pronounced taste that stuck out and was delicious. A couple of kids in our family have started to take a liking to sushi and usually stick with tempura based rolls but loved the crunch roll which was shrimp tempura, crab and avocado.

Like my other visits to Blue Fin and Ninza West, everything felt fresh and made with care.

The biggest downside to our visit was from a service perspective. They had just one main server with a girl shadowing her the whole night. We felt bad because business started to pick up and she seemed to be the only person taking orders, filling drinks up, etc. Aside from the quick sushi delivery, everything else was a little on the slow side especially tabbing out. For some reason, I’ve had some bad luck with slow tab out times lately that I’d love the ability to electronically pay for my tab from a tablet or by phone every single time. I’ve heard from many restaurateurs that it’s been a struggle to find help lately with the abundance of new restaurants popping up. So the slowness is forgivable with the newness of everything. Hopefully over time, they can find good help and improve.

It’s quite possible with improved service and an already delicious line of sushi rolls, Ninza Sushi East could be the best sushi option in northeast Wichita.

Here’s their menu:

Happy Dining,

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