Mizz Nelda’s Food Wagon Review

The latest food truck review brought us to Mizz Nelda’s Food Wagon. It was one of the mobile food vendors I had never heard of until recently. They look to be a fairly new player to the game having recently opened in the second half of 2019.


Cash/Card Accepted

I saw a post that they were parked outside of a south Wichita pawn shop, so I decided to drop by. They had a bit of everything on their menu including breakfast which I had just missed. Most of their lunch menu consisted of burgers and sandwiches. I ended up going with their quarter-pound cheeseburger meal. It was $10 and came with fries, a can of pop and a bag of chips. For 50 cents more, I was able to add some chili on the burger.

It took maybe 8 minutes or so and I was ready to chow down. The crinkle cut fries were warm and fresh out of the fryer but lacked any seasoning which left them bland. There wasn’t much going on there to impress me.

As for the burger itself, it was a hefty quarter-pound size. But like the fries, it left me wanting a little more. It was slightly on the dry side lacking any of the juicy or greasy features many burgers I love have. The chili was alright but wasn’t memorable. Overall the food was a little underwhelming.

With them being relatively new to the food truck scene, there’s definitely room for improvement. I’ll have to return over the summer to see how things go for them.

Here’s the menu:

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