One Mongolian Grill set to replace an old Mongolian Grill

Perhaps you’ve seen a new coat of paint on the former Genghis Grill location at Douglas and Rock Road. The ring if Big B’s Beef was still making a comeback. The above building you see now has a fresh coat of orange paint. What ever could that mean?

BD’s Mongolian Grill is the next new restaurant that is slated to arrive in Wichita in a coupe months.

In the ongoing fad of create-your-own, this restaurant gives you the chance to customize your own stir-fry dish. The Dallas-based chain is similar to Genghis Grill except for fresh meat, seafood and vegetables being offered on the assembly line. “Fresh” seems to be the theme for BD’s Mongolian Grill.

They have locations all over the country including two in Overland Park, one of which I’ve been to years ago.

For more on BD’s Mongolian Grill you can check out their website or take a quick look at one of their sample menus. Please note menu and prices may not reflect what it will be in Wichita.

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