The Reader’s Top 25 Restaurants in Wichita

Earlier this month, I asked readers to weigh in on their favorite restaurants in Wichita. Nearly 300 people chimed in on the poll. I thought it was a fun interactive way to get opinions of others for the blog. As with any list that is ever put out, I’m sure the internet trolls and haters will be in full effect with the results.

I did not participate in this poll and can’t say I’m too shocked at how the voting went. Many of the popular restaurants around town ended up where I thought they would. Probably the only big surprise I had was the number of Mexican restaurants that received votes. They were far and few between. If I had to guess, the sheer number of options in town possibly made it hard for people to add them.

For those wondering how the poll was conducted, it was simple. A survey was published asking readers to rank their top 8 restaurants. A first place vote received 8 points, a second place vote received 7 points and so on.

Without further ado, here is The Reader’s Top 25 Restaurants in Wichita.. (keyword Reader’s when you get ready to complain).

1George's French Bistro
2Bella Luna Cafe
3Doo-Dah Diner
5Wichita Brewing Company
6Redrock Canyon Grill
7Ziggy's Pizza
8Dempsey's Burger Pub
9Angelo's Italian Restaurant
10Little Saigon
11DeFazio's Italian Restaurant
12Chesters Chophouse & Wine Bar
13Public at the Brickyard
14Texas Roadhouse
15Sabor Latin Bar & Grill
16The Anchor
17B&C BBQ Pub & Grill
18Piatto Neapolitan Pizzeria
20Il Vicino
21Dempsey's Biscuit Co.
22Molino's Cuisine
23Norton's Brewing Company
24Bite Me BBQ
25Lola's Bistro

Others Barely Outside the Top 25: Tanya’s Soup Kitchen, Thai House, Thai Traditions, LongHorn Steakhouse, Newport Grill, Saigon Oriental Restaurant, Freddy’s Frozen Custard, Prost, Chiang Mai Thai, Bricktown Brewery, Bagatelle Bakery, Taqueria El Fogon, Pig In Pig Out BBQ, N&J Cafe & Bakery, College Hill Deli, Knolla’s Pizza.

So what do you think of the results? I figured “finer dining” would have a good showing from the readers. Pizza had a bigger turnout than I thought with Wichita Brewing Company leading the way. Many of the Thai restaurants received votes just to get outside of the Top 25 but I liked how those places received some love as we have some great Thai options here. Only two big name chains (Texas Roadhouse/Chick-Fil-A) popped up in the Top 25 so that was cool to see many of the local restaurants get most of the love.

Tacos & burgers received less love than I thought they would. Taqueria El Fogon was ranked the highest out of the hole-in-the-wall street taco joints and finished outside the top 25. Then Dempsey’s Burger Pub finished in the top ten with most of the other popular dedicated burger spots finishing between 50-100.

All in all it was just an interesting experiment for the blog. Next month, I may do it again or focus the Top 25 on a more focused genre or style of food.

Happy Dining,

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4 thoughts on “The Reader’s Top 25 Restaurants in Wichita”

  1. Just an FYI, both Chick-fil-a and Texas Roadhouse are franchises with local ownership. I think we tend to forget that when we talk local.

  2. Have you been to Bella Vita Bistro? It’s my favorite west side restaurant for a nice evening. Love the mussels appetizer with the crusty bread to start. Hope you try it. It would have been on my top 10 list.

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