Side Pockets: Great environment for friends plagued by poor service

Side Pockets

The latest review brought us to Side Pockets which spanned over a few different visits for a friend’s birthday party as well as to watch some football. They are a restaurant and sports bar that unbeknownst to me until recently is a part of a chain of Side Pockets around Kansas.

600 S Tyler Rd, Ste 222
Wichita, Kansas 67209

Monday – Saturday: 10am – 12am
Closed on Sunday


Cash/Card Accepted

Let’s start off with the food. Over the few visits, we’ve ordered items to snack on like nachos, burgers, fries, chicken strips. To keep it short and simple, it was your very typical bar fare. The tots and fries were fairly bland and could have used a little more time in the fryer. That or they might have been sitting out for a while in the kitchen as they were pretty lukewarm to cool.

There wasn’t anything that stood out on the burger or chicken strips either. The burger patty itself was dry and certainly well done. I mean let’s face it, food may not be the top reason why you’d come here.

From a bar perspective, we enjoy it. There’s PLENTY of seating as the place is massive. If you love pool, there’s no shortage of tables. Overall, it’s a very chill and relaxing place to share a drink or two with friends. For west-siders, it could be a good centralized meeting spot being right off of Kellogg.

The biggest problem we’ve had time and time again with Side Pockets was the service. On one time we went up, we waited probably 20 minutes for a server before deciding to just order drinks at the bar. Another time we had a server bring us out drinks only to be gone for what felt like forever. Incorrect food orders were brought to our table, drinks that we ordered had to be asked for more than once, it has been a complete disaster. I’m not sure what visits to Side Pockets have been like for everybody else but in my experiences with different sets of friends, it’d be a D on a grading scale at best.

It’s unfortunate as I like the bar in general. I don’t really go for the food but as a place to have a few drinks with friends on that side of town. If they could just offer timely service, I’m sure we’d go more often but dang……what does a guy need to do to get a drink?

Here’s their menu:

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5 thoughts on “Side Pockets: Great environment for friends plagued by poor service”

  1. I used to love this place until they treated me like a criminal. I used to shoot pool, play poker, and enjoy the sight of many good looking women (some great looking). Once they treated me so horrendously, I won’t return. I haven’t been back for several years now, and I always advise people to stay away. A bar is supposed to be centered around service, but this establishment doesn’t know what that means.

  2. They are possibly the only bar in town that serves Amber Bach on tap and for that I am grateful and will continue to visit.

  3. Never visited this sidepockets location although I had been to 3 different locations most of the time its the locations on Englewood road known as sidepockets north. Ive never had a problem with the food there and their service is great id recommend visiting this location before turning away from the sidepockets business.

  4. Fellow Bartender

    We’ve never gotten great service anytime we’ve ever gone (6+ times). Seems wait staff likes to hang out at the bar and talk. Food is definitely mediocre at best. Sad for a place with so much potential!

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