Thao’s Bistro Revisited: Amazing Vietnamese cuisine in Wichita

When Vietnamese cuisine discussion comes up, people usually go straight to Pho. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing but there are so many other delicious dishes that are available. One of the best places in Wichita offering a wide menu of options is Thao’s Bistro.

Over the years, it’s been one of my favorite restaurants in town, so I thought I’d revisit it for everybody.

1825 S Broadway
Wichita, KS 67211

Closed Monday
Tuesday – Thursday: 10am – 7pm
Friday – Sunday: 9:30am – 8pm


Cash/Card Accepted

Popular dishes native to Vietnam used to be a common occurrence at the dinner table for me growing up. But those are now a rarity and I’m forced to find restaurants around town in Wichita that serve them.

Take for instance the bò kho which is a Vietnamese beef stew with french bread. It’s a rich, heavy comfort food that is surprisingly intense with flavors. You think pho is great on a winter day? Give this one a try. Thao’s Bistro loads in the beef and supplies you with bread to dip in the broth. I wish more places in town offered this soup but I’m OK with having to head to Thao’s Bistro for it.

If you are still hungry, get an appetizer like the popular spring rolls. These are made fresh and don’t come out freezing cold like some premade ones in town that are stored in a refrigerator all day.

On another visit, I ordered their Cánh gà chiên nước mắm which was Vietnamese chicken wings. The wings were marinated in fish sauce which gave them a pungent caramel-y sweet kick. It’s hard to describe without just saying, “These are damn good!”

On that same visit, I went with their hủ tiếu dàc biệt which was a rice noodle soup with seafood, BBQ pork and quail eggs. This one might be for the more adventurous. The flavors aren’t as bold or pronounced. It was a very simple broth that had a strong seafood aroma to it. It’s probably one of the lighter soups they have but just as good.

There were just so many items on the menu I wanted to try. Every visit there was reminiscent of my childhood and many of the dishes my aunt would make for us. It’s such a great little restaurant on south Broadway that doesn’t quite get the hype of other Vietnamese restaurants but deserves it.

On top of that, the service has always been stellar. It’s a place that’s constantly in my rotation of restaurants I frequent. Easily a Wichita By E.B. Top 50 Restaurant.

Here is their menu:

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  1. Visited Thao’s Bistro today based on your review and recommendation! We had shrimp and pork with noodles and the sweet ginger sauce! OMG! It was delicious and the service was extraordinary! The cleanliness was consistent throughout! We plan to make this a regular Thursday outing!!

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