Vote for the Monthly Wichita By E.B. Top 25 Restaurant Poll

One thing I love doing is paying attention to any of the college sports polls whether it’s football or basketball.

I thought it’d be fun to do a monthly poll for restaurants here in Wichita. So I compiled a list of restaurants located only in Wichita. I removed many of the fast food burger joints, dessert-only shops, cafes that didn’t serve much food, food trucks, etc. I kept this strictly to brick & mortar places.

How this works is you vote for your top 8. A first place vote receives 8 points, a second place vote is 7 points and so on. Then once a month, I’ll publish a list of the readers Top 25. Thought it’d be fun to see who the most beloved places in Wichita are from the reader base.

This is strictly for fun so enjoy. Also the keyword below is DineOutWichita.

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1 thought on “Vote for the Monthly Wichita By E.B. Top 25 Restaurant Poll”

  1. Submitting this poll on mobile was incredibly, incredibly frustrating. I persisted because of how strongly I feel about my favorite restaurants. Every stop of the process was ridiculously difficult, with just about everything in the drop down menu going awry, the form itself having a large amount of lag for some strange reason, and then the same troubles with the captcha as the drop down menus. I still don’t even know if it was submitted.

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