Checking out Go! Taco inside the Flying Eagle gas station

Inside the Flying Eagle Truck Stop at 3405 S West St. is a little setup called Go! Taco. It used to be a La Cocina Mexican Kitchen before the Flying Eagle gas station changed things up. Given my luck with gas station food recently, I decided to give this one a go in hopes my run of good fortune would continue.

3405 S West St.
Wichita, KS 67217

Monday – Friday: 7am – 3pm
Closed on Saturday and Sunday

Cash/Card Accepted

The setup of Go! Taco can be found towards the back end of the convenience store.

Once there, you choose the type of meal you want along with the proteins and toppings. They had pork, chicken, steak, bbq, and shredded beef on hand during our visit.

We went with a couple tacos, a side of rice and a burrito.

Forgive me but I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture of the burrito before eating. Do note it was hefty and extremely filling. Just take a look at half of it and you’ll see how stuffed it was.

They were very generous with everything. I made the mistake of having them put their hot salsa inside as it was burning my mouth with every bite. I poured some of their green verde sauce in hopes of lightening the load but it just made it worse. It was one of those delicious yet painful lunches when you know you should probably stop because of how hot the salsa is but you keep going.

As for the tacos, those were more of a letdown. The tortilla shells didn’t do much justice to help out the tacos. They were on the soggy side. The meats also felt a little off and bland. There wasn’t much if any seasoning on it when undoctored by salsa. Perhaps the burrito may have been the same way had the hot salsa not masked everything. On a bright note, the rice was delicious.

While we enjoyed the burrito despite it burning going down, Go! Taco didn’t do much to stand out for us. It seemed pretty standard and something you could find at many places. Would I get the burrito again? Yes. The tacos? Not so much. I could definitely see the draw though for people who stop by for gas and are looking for a quick meal.

Here’s their menu:

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