An Evening at Adios Increíble – A Fine Dining Experience

I’m starting to really like what restaurants around town are doing by changing things up and offering different dining experiences. The latest comes from Adios Nachoria at Wave with their Adios Increíble – A Fine Dining Experience event. Many people think it’s a place only for nachos and tacos. Their new dining experience hopes to change the mindset and remove the typecasting.

Once a month, Adios Nachoria is going to offer a set course dining experience. The first one took place Friday, February 28. Chef Gerard Rodriguez set up a 5-course meal. Those meals were also paired with cocktails from Wave’s in-house mixologist Tommy Fung and Una Vida Tequila. The whole theme was Mexican-inspired dishes. It was limited to 50 spots and we were fortunate to get in on the experience and walked away completely wowed by it all.

Here’s a look at our dinner experience with Adios Nachoria. Everybody started off with a toast and a shot of Una Vida Tequila.

Our first course consisted of Shrimp + Red Snapper Ceviche with mashed avocado on tostada. So light, so fresh, so delicious. I’m such a sucker for all things ceviche.

I wish I took notes of our drinks as I didn’t get a single name of what was what. What I do was this was probably the favorite of all the drinks I had. It was a tequila concoction with seltzer of some sort. Don’t quote me on that at all though!

Next up was a Roasted Tomatillo Pozole with braised pork loin. Hands down the best pozole I’ve had at a restaurant in Wichita.

More tequila.

Probably my favorite course of the evening was the Mole Verde with Diver Scallops. The scallop was so tender. I could have eaten it by itself but it was just taken to a different level with the mole verde.

Around this time a mariachi band was starting to serenade table by table. I loved them so much and will be asking them if they need a fifth member.

Another round of tequila cocktails.

Roasted chicken taco with mole negro, chocolate avocado mousse on a cocoa infused tortilla. You could really get the subtle hint of chocolate in it. If you happen to be at Death By Chocolate, they’ll have this on hand there.


Fresh baked concha with champurrado ganache, strawberry compote, cajeta (goat’s milk caramel). That strawberry compote was pick the plate up and lick the plate worthy.

At first, I wasn’t planning on blogging about this but at the end of the meal, I couldn’t help myself. Even Megan was in the car on the way home talking about how amazing everything was. She had lots of little courses she rarely finds around town. I loved the unique little takes on everything they did.

I’d be doing the readers an injustice by not sharing this incredible meal.

If you get a chance to hop in on one of their monthly set course meals, do yourself a favor and get a ticket. This evening’s meal price was $50 per person for everything. Check out Adios Nachoria at Wave’s Facebook page to find out when the next one will be.

Happy Dining,

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