What is your favorite Mexican restaurant in Wichita?

Last month, we conducted a poll to find what were the Top 25 restaurants in Wichita according to readers.

This month we have changed it up and nailed it down to a specific genre: Mexican food. As all list, this is completely for fun and a small sample size of what the Wichita By E.B. readers find to be their Top 25 Mexican restaurants in town are. With a little over 100 to choose from, let’s narrow it down and see who YOU think is the best.

How this works is you vote for your top 5. A first place vote receives 5 points, a second place vote is 4 points and so on. Once results are tallied, I’ll publish a list of the readers Top 25.

This is strictly for fun so enjoy. Also the keyword below is Taco.

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