Rice & Roll by Xing Xing

Last summer I met Tuong Huynh who was selling eggrolls under her business name of Xing Xing. I remember chatting with her. One thing that stuck out was her dream of one day opening her own restaurant in town.

Word spread out like wildfire on how delicious her eggrolls were. She stopped doing her in-home business at the end of the year and began her search for a building to turn her dream into a reality. And soon that dream will come true.

I spoke with Huynh today and her new location will be at 1920 E Pawnee St in the space that was formerly occupied by NamViet Restaurant. She is the process of remodeling and hopes to have her new restaurant as soon as within a month.

The plan will be to serve not just her popular eggrolls which people have been asking me about on a weekly basis but many traditional Vietnamese dishes as well. Yes, pho is one of those dishes.

She said she will let me know when she has a firm opening date. Until then be sure to follow her Facebook page to stay up to date.

Rice & Roll by Xing XingHappy Dining,

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