Laser Quest selling out every night before close of business

If you missed the news, let me catch you up on what has transpired recently. Laser Quest announced they were closing on their Facebook page. Their last day of business will be Monday, February 17.

To get people in the doors, they have been offering games for $5 (per person, per game) until February 13.

We wanted to go try laser tag out one last time before they close so we stopped by over the weekend. The place was PACKED! There were probably 25-30 people in line at all times.

Here’s where readers should be aware. You’ll need a reservation to play. When we finally got to the front of the line, the cashier told us that all spots have been sold out or reserved until Wednesday. She said they’ve been selling out every hour they have been open. Learn from our mistakes and make reservations if you intend to take advantage of their $5 promotion.

Best way is to call them at 316-652-9500.

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