The nostalgic love for Dog & Shake

If it’s one food memory I remember as a child, it was going to the Dog & Shake. At times, it felt like we went there more than McDonald’s. From the moment I was able to drive, I’ve made sure to return many times over the years. It’s one of those few fast food restaurants, I crave once in a blue moon. If anything, it’s a bit of nostalgia for me and something I enjoy every time.

8800 W. Maple St.
Wichita, KS 67209

1706 E Central Ave.
Wichita, KS 67214

1640 S. Hillside
Wichita, KS 67211

4323 S. Seneca
Wichita, KS 67214

Hours vary by location


Cash/Card Accepted

Let’s set the record straight early on. Dog N Shake isn’t going to win any contest for best burger or best hot dog or best fries in the city. At the same time, I know that going in and am OK with it. Their burger patties are a little on the dry and thin side. The hot dogs aren’t too bad and I really loved the toasted buns. The crinkle cut fries aren’t very seasoned, but they have little salt packets to help with that.

Coming from someone who says they have this love for Dog N Shake, I know it’s not the most positive review but there’s just something that keeps me coming back.

Everybody has those songs that bring you back to a certain point in life. That’s how I feel about Dog N Shake, every bite literally brings me back to when I was younger; simpler times when I didn’t have to worry about paying my bills, having a job or worrying about if my phone is about to die.

Dog N Shake isn’t for everybody. I wouldn’t say they really excel in any one particular food area but for me, they don’t do it that bad either. I’ve had their chicken sandwiches, cheese fries, and random hot dogs of the month and never leave unsatisfied.

If I had to choose an area they do excel at and keep my family happy, it’s the shakes. I mean, you can’t go to this place and not order a shake if it’s in their name.

Dog N Shake is either for you or it isn’t. It’s definitely for me. In the fast food space, the staff at so many of their locations are so family friendly as well. Often times, you’ll see employees in the same genre wanting you to get in and out. Not at Dog N Shake and that’s part of what keeps me coming back along with the nostalgia.

Here’s their menu:

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  1. I ate at the South seneca location order a double dog deal waited in drive thru forever for the guy to give 3 drinks to young girls like 10 minutes then got up there to get my order and this hateful girl took my money and I waited again forever thinking how long does it take to get this ready they finally it to me and I leave get pass the turnpike and the order is wrong a dann chicken sand which and small fry. Someone needs to supervise these hateful teenagers and I want my money back. I will go to hillside or maple next time .

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