Ten Mexican Restaurants Snubs from the Reader Top 25 List

In early February, readers were asked to come up with their favorite Mexican restaurants. The votes were tallied and everything was unveiled in The Reader’s Top 25 Mexican Restaurants list.

As with any list, it was completely subjective and had a wide array of different places with varying styles of Mexican food. Some people asked my opinion on what was missed and if you’re one of those, then this blog is for you.

It’s no secret I’m not the biggest fan of Tex-Mex. It’s something I’ll eat every now and then when the kids have a preference for it but it wouldn’t be my first choice. But at the same time, I do have some I enjoy and would eat at.

With that said, I wanted to point out ten Mexican restaurants in Wichita I would have moved into the Top 25 if it was strictly up to me.

In no particular order:

  • Tacos Alex (known to some as Mr. Taco)
    711 W 25th St N
  • Cactus Cantina
    2802 S Hydraulic Ave
  • El Viejito Mexican Restaurant
    4722 S Broadway
  • Alondra’s Tacos
    1580 W 21st St
  • Mi Lindo Michoacan
    2120 N Broadway
  • Taquería La Chona
    3415 E Harry St
  • Taco Locale
    2721 E Central Ave
  • Mariscos Cheli
    1851 N Broadway
  • Puerto Vallarta Mexican Restaurant
    602 N Tyler Road
  • Birrieria Raymundo
    124 E 21st St N

These are ten restaurants that really span a good portion of Wichita. There’s a place for north, south, east and west Wichita.

Also, one place that doesn’t fit the category of a taco truck (even though they have one) and a restaurant is Tacos Chepe. It’s based out of somebody’s backyard and definitely worth a visit as well.

If you love Mexican food and love eating out based on lists you see, this is one perhaps worth knocking out.

Happy Dining,

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