The ultimate children’s consignment sale starts this weekend

A year ago on this exact day, I was able to see the very first picture of my daughter.

Since then, I started to go on a frenzy purchasing things in preparation until somebody turned me on to something called Rhea Lana’s of Greater Wichita. Up until that moment in life, I had never heard of them. Since then, I’ve been to three Rhea Lana events not just in Wichita but also in Oklahoma.

If you were or are like me and am new to parenthood, Rhea Lana is a big shopping event to purchase gently used children’s items. Why spend boatloads of money on items like clothes or rockers or bassinets, when you can’t get them at 25-35% of retail and sometimes even more?

Since my first visit, I’ve gone to every single one in Wichita. The next one takes place this weekend at 4646 W. Kellogg which is the former Babies R Us building. It runs from February 14-19.

It’s not just for the moms either. While the moms definitely outnumber the dads 20:1, this is a great event for anybody looking to save a little money.

…..and they serve beer too.

Nearly every essential item you need for your kids is available at the event.

Of course much of my time was spent at the 6-12 mo. clothing aisle looking for as many jammies as possible because let’s face it. Jammies are the easiest thing to dress your child in. Yes, I’m that parent that is OK with his child dressed in pajamas 24/7. I would wear the same thing if it was acceptable.

For more information on the dates of the event, check out their web page here.

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