West Street Burgers Revisited

I have been hearing lots of talk on West Street Burgers lately. I’ve been to both their West street and south Seneca locations before. But with so many people bringing it up to me again, I figured a visit back was in need. So I swung over to their Seneca location to give them a revisited review.

2560 S Seneca St
Wichita, KS 67217

Monday – Saturday: 10:30am – 8pm
Closed on Sunday


Cash/Card Accepted

The restaurant was quite busy when I stopped by. But even with that, I noticed they did a great job of keeping the place tidy and tables cleaned off. Even the food came out in a timely manner to customers.

Over lunch, we ordered a single cheeseburger, pork tenders sandwich, fries and twenty piece nuggets.

The burger patty ran on the slim side. If you’re a really hungry person, I would recommend a double patty. Otherwise, it was seasoned well but lacked the juicy trait that we prefer in a burger. Overall it wasn’t too bad; just didn’t fit our preference for what we look for in a burger.

What I really did enjoy was the pork tender sandwich. There was a good-sized piece of fried pork between the soft yet squishy bun which I actually enjoyed. Mixed in there was tomato, some lettuce and a healthy layer of mayo to liven it up. I wouldn’t have thought to order it but it’s one of my brother’s favorite sandwiches around town. It lived up to the expectation he set for me.

Another win came in the big cup of fries. I loved their fresh thick cut fries that were fried perfectly. They had just the right amount of grease on them with a nice little crisp in each bite.

Then to round it out, the nuggets blew any of the major fast food joints out of the water. They were on sale for $4.99 that afternoon, so I felt like I was losing money NOT buying them. It served us well because those nuggets were bigger than most of the competition, had a thin breading with plenty of meat underneath. For the most part, chicken nuggets are very basic but West Street Burgers found a way to excel at it.

As noted earlier, the staff did a great job of keeping the place clean and taking care of customers. Service was quick and friendly.

Depending on what your definition of a perfect burger is, you might love this place or feel a little different about it. One of my friends who I talk food with all the time calls this place his favorite burger in Wichita. For me, the burger wasn’t ideal but that didn’t stop us from finding many other things we really enjoyed there.

Here’s their menu:

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