Birrieria la nieta de villa #2 Review

There’s a restaurant that opened in the former Tacos Porfia space called Birrieria La Nieta de Villa #2. Their original location is on south Hillside and I very much enjoyed. With the second location, I decided to check them out and see how they compared to the rest of north Broadway.

2247 S Broadway
Wichita, KS 67219

Monday – Sunday: 9am – 3pm


Cash/Card Accepted

Birrieria La Nieta de Villa prides themselves on birria. If you’ve never heard of birria, it’s a Mexican dish from the state of Jalisco. The dish is a spicy stew, traditionally made from goat meat or mutton. Restaurants or street carts that serve birria are known as birrierias similar to tacos and taquerias. There aren’t many places in Wichita that serve it with goat or sheep. Here, it was lamb.

I kept my order simple with some al pastor tacos and a couple birria tacos. Like many other of the birrieria’s I’ve been to, you dressed the tacos yourselves.

The al pastor was slightly on the dry side but still very sweet. I wasn’t too keen on it and decided to move on to the birria tacos.

The birria tacos were a different story. The meat was incredibly tender. It came with a cup of warm salsa and some consume to dip it in. I really loved it and they are up there as one of my favorite birria tacos in town…….for the lamb at least. The single tortilla made for a tough outing. Between the warm salsa and the consume, the tortilla stood no chance of keeping the entire taco in tact. I was forced to use a fork for most of the meal. Regardless the warm salsa/consume combination was amazingly delicious!

If I were to go back, it’d mostly be for the birria tacos or a bowl of birria.

As for the service, it was quick and friendly. I had zero issues there.

Here’s the menu:

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