Picasso’s Pizzeria is celebrating 8 years with the speed eating contest to settle all contests. Find a partner and battle it out against other duos. The contest consist of eating a Ginormas pizza which comes in at 26”. The fastest duo wins pizza for a year and trophy.

Here are the rules:

Can you do it? Can you and a friend eat an entire Ginormas pizza? Well, now is your time to put your money where your mouth is to take home the Grand Prize of 1 Ginormas Pizza per month for a YEAR! The quickest eating duo in Wichita to eat an entire ginormas pizza will get pizza for a year and a trophy! So what are the details?

Reserve your spot by calling the restaurant!
March 24th – East Central location 6:30 PM, Call (316) 260-3998
March 25th – Delano location 6:30 PM, Call (316) 267-5423
Entry Fee is $69.95

May the fastest time win! You and a friend race to finish the Heart Attack Ginormas pizza packed with Pepperoni, Beef, Canadian Bacon, Italian Sausage, topped with surprise- jalapenos!!!! and a topping of your choice. The winner of both locations will battle it out for the championship prize- PIZZA FOR A YEAR on April 7th at our Delano location. Do you like pizza enough to handle this showdown?

In the meantime, you can check out their event page on Facebook for more information.

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