Everything & the Bagel Bread Co. Review

Seeing as though I’ve been to 99.9% of restaurants in Wichita and hope to finish off all the food trucks I can find this summer, I needed more adventures and food to write about. Why not in-home bakeries? The latest blog introduced me to Everything & the Bagel Bread Co.

They are a home-based micro-bakery that offers a variety of sourdough products. According to their Facebook page, each artisan loaf is naturally leavened and prepared by hand the same day you receive it. They also offer bagels, crackers, dog treats & more!

I was attending a Shocker watch party and figured it would be a great time to try it with a group of friends.



Instead of ordering bagels, we had a couple loves of bread since we figured it’d be good to share among friends. Our two loaves were Jalapeño cheddar chive and a chocolate cherry stout loaf.

It was one of those instances where everybody was “Should we be polite and cut it properly with a knife or just rip off pieces by hand?” I voted for the latter.

We were completely blown away by the jalapeño cheddar chive. Every one was amazed by how the cheese wasn’t melted inside. It was different from other places they’ve had bread from and really enjoyed the style. Chocolate fans may also be intrigued by the chocolate cherry stout. They used Hopping Gnome’s stout beer to make the bread. I loved the use of cherries to really brighten it up and give it a little zip to the chocolate.

While I haven’t had many products from in-home bakeries, I was impressed with what I had and probably had more jalapeño cheddar chive than an average man should have. I found out they will also start selling their breads at the Old Town Farm & Art market coming soon.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook to learn more or place an order.

Now what in-home bakery to try next?

Here’s their menu:

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