First Look at Shawarma Restaurant’s Lunch Buffet

A new restaurant has opened in the former Zaytun Bistro space which closed at Brittany Center in 2019. Shawarma Restaurant is a Mediterranean restaurant and grocery store specializing in Middle Eastern food. During the lunch period, they serve an all-you-can-eat buffet for $13 and change. Some friends and I decided to stop by and check it out a couple weeks after they opened.

2020 N Woodlawn Blvd
Wichita, KS 67208

Buffet open daily from 11am to 3pm
Menu Service from 3pm – 9pm


Cash/Card Accepted

For starters, here’s a look at their buffet line:

While it wasn’t the most massive line of options, they had all the basic essentials. They had fish, chicken, beef, rice, salads, pita chips, hummus, grape leaves etc.

For the group of us four, everyone found something they really liked. For instance, one person really loved the pasta and the grape leaves which I wasn’t too fond of which just goes to show how different people’s taste buds can be. Meanwhile, I was loving the chicken and the mushroom soup. I went back a couple of times for the chicken and three times for the soup alone. I never order mushroom soup and can’t recall the last time I ordered it but Shawarma’s was so flavorful with small bits of mushroom to give it some texture. You could also watch the chicken being prepared so you knew it was made on the spot. It was juicy and tender which was obviously a big plus. Far too many times I’ve seen restaurants put out dry chicken that I was starting to lose trust. Shawarma restored my faith.

With a decent crowd inside, the food turnover was quick so items like fresh fish and chicken were being brought in a timely manner.

We ended our lunch on some lamb kababs the owner randomly brought out to us wanting to get input on some items he was hoping to get opinions on. Three of us love lamb in general and had zero problem devouring as much as we could. It had a subtle gamey type taste to it but nothing to detract us. The texture was really firm but overall still delicious.

They had some nice friendly folks at Shawarma. My only criticism I’d make would be regarding table service. They looked to be a little short-staffed which left some tables waiting longer than others to get refills or order from the menu. Still worth trying out for yourself to see if you’d like it.

Here’s their menu:

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