‘Hamilton’ is coming to Wichita

Two years ago, I was in Chicago looking for something to do. It felt like everybody and their mother said, “You have to go see Hamilton!” I knew it was a musical but didn’t know much else.

After looking into it, ‘Hamilton’ is the story of Alexander Hamilton. It told his life story and the music was a blend of hip-hop, jazz, rap, R&B and Broadway. In my past life, I was a former high school musical sensation having been a part of two musicals with a total of three lines. So I definitely appreciated musicals even though it was quite apparent I lacked the acting or singing skills to earn bigger parts.

While in Chicago, I gave in and went to Hamilton. The moment I walked out of the CIBC Theatre, I was speechless. It was one of the best shows, if not the best show I’ve ever seen. The music, the story, the acting, the set, everything was beyond incredible. I purchased the soundtrack that evening.

Since then, I’ve been wanting to see the show again and the chance will come again. This time in Wichita.

The American Theatre Guild made the announcement today that Hamilton will be a part of their Broadway in Wichita series for the 2021-22 season. No date has been announced yet. The musical will also take place at Century II Concert Hall.

Check out the American Theatre Guild’s website for more details.

Anybody else as excited as I am?

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