Let’s Review Arby’s!

Let’s review Arby’s!

Arby’s is a worldwide fast food sandwich restaurant chain that was started in 1964 in Boardman, Ohio. As of 2017, they were the second largest sandwich chain with the first being Subway. A huge majority of their 3,400+ locations are in the United States with over a dozen of them in the Wichita area.

For the purposes of this review, we stopped by their south Seneca along with their south Rock Road locations.

If it’s one thing Arby’s is known for, it’s their classic roast beef sandwich. I’d wager to say that is followed by their curly fries. So what did I order? A double roast beef sandwich with curly fries.

While I was waiting on my sandwich, I hit up their sauce and pickle stations. For condiment lovers, this is one of the best fast food spots. I’m such a huge fan of their spicy three pepper and Arby’s sauce on my sandwich then I always dip my curly fries in the honey dijon mustard.

Arby’s has a big thing going for them: consistency. Their curly fries are always seasoned nicely and offer a light greasy crisp to them. Their sandwiches are the same. You know what you’re getting each time you order. There’s no surprise how much meat your sandwich will get. For me, I always stick with the double. I’ve had many different sandwiches from Arby’s and the roast beef is the way to go. The roast beef is so thinly sliced that it makes the sandwich not as dense in texture as it may look. It’s also surprisingly tender.

A handful of years ago, they also introduced sliders. They run $1.49 but I’ve also seen happy hour specials where they are $1 a piece.

They are easy to hold, easy to consume little sandwiches. Jalapeño roast beef has by far been my favorite of them all and yes…… I’ve tried them all.

As far as sandwich/burger fast food chains go, Arby’s is near the top of my list. One of the biggest differentiators for them has been cleanliness and service. There are a few locations that stick in for me like their north Rock Road, south Seneca, and east 21st street spots that are very clean and the employees are incredibly friendly. I’ve said it before but Arby’s has some of the best fast food employees I’ve come across.

Here’s their menu:

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4 thoughts on “Let’s Review Arby’s!”

  1. Sheila Parrish

    I agree with you Eddy, I love Arby’s! I’m partial to their Reuben’s, & will take them over Subway any day. My only frustration is that they close so early, so does everyone else. The only fast food place open past 10:30 pm, is Taco Bell? This us true on West St. & Seneca, I can see closing at 11:00 during the week, but Midnight would be nice on weekends. I would think the amount of business, would more then cover the overhead. Especially, when all the other places are closed. Lol, just a wish! Thanks for letting me vent!

  2. The gals at the Arby’s on South West Street are the best. They have never failed us in 4 years now. Good food, good people!!

  3. I walked into arby’s and this gentleman named Jared and call me by my name which he remembered from a few days before. I have been in several times since that time and hes always vibrant, super friendly and super fast.. He is worth double of whatever he gets paid I haven’t asked his pay I would make it where he would not ever want to look for another job.
    I will not go any where else for lunch.

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