List of Restaurants Closing, Changing Hours or Canceling Dine-In Due to COVID-19


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I’ve been flooded with DM’s and emails about restaurants who have decided to implement changes due to COVID-19. Who knows what the future holds for the industry as other states such as New York, Illinois and Chicago have taken measures to shut down restaurants and bars to a limited basis or completely.

Below is a list of restaurants who have made changes that are worth noting. If I’m missing any of if you are a restaurant owner with one to report, please email. I will keep this as a running update as I learn of new restaurants.

If you do not see a restaurant on here, I would recommend you call them to confirm if they are open or allowing dine-in service.

Last Updated: 3/19 at 1pm

All Restaurants inside Towne East Square
Closing effective March 19 at 7pm until March 29.

Hours of operation have changed temporarily from 12pm to 10pm daily.

The Anchor
Dining room is closed but carryout still available.

Angelo’s Italian Restaurant
Dining room closed starting March 17 and for at least 15 days. They will continue to do carryout, take and bakes, and will start delivery soon.

Restaurants to close at 8pm daily.

Drive-Thru service only.

The Artichoke
Dining room is closed but drive-thru is still open.

AVI Sea Bar & Chop House
House have changed and the restaurant will close at 9pm during the week and 10pm on Friday and Saturday.

Avivo Brick Oven Pizzeria
Closed until the end of the month

Bagel Haus
Dining room is closed but drive-thru is open.

The Barn
New hours Monday – Saturday 11am to 7pm. Closed on Sunday

Beacon Restaurant
Closed March 17 – 31st

Birney’s Snack Shop
Drive-Thru and Carryout available.

Bite Me BBQ
Restaurant will close until April 1.

Bob & Luigi’s (Andover)
Buffet has been postponed but restaurant will operate under regular hours and offering limited dining along with carryout and delivery.

Boudreux Burger Barn
Closed until April 1st.

Broadway Burgers & BBQ
Dine-In Closed. Call-Ins, Take-Out and Drive-Thru still available

Buffalo Wild Wings
Dine-In Closed, only Drive-Thru and Delivery available

Burger King
Dine-In Closed, only Drive-Thru and Delivery available

Busters Burger Joint
Closed the rest of the week of 3/16. Will re-evaluate the situation every Sunday night.

B&C Barbeque
Restaurant closed until further notice.

Caesar’s Table
Closed for dine-in as of 3/18. Pick-Up and Deliveries only. Check back for status updates.

California Tortilla
Restaurant closed until further notice.

Carrabba’s Italian Grill
Carryout/Carside service only. Dining room has been closed.

Carriage Crossing Restaurant
Hours have been cut from 11am to 7pm Monday thru Saturday effective immediately.

Central Standard Brewing
Taproom closed until further notice. To-Go Beers only.

Chester’s Chophouse and Wine Bar
Closing the restaurant effective 3/18.

Chick N Max
Take out only moving forward. No dine-in allowed.

All locations have temporarily closed their dining room. Drive-thru will remain open.

Chicken N Pickle
Dine-In will be closed from March 17 for two weeks. Take-Out and curbside delivery will still be available.

Dine-In closed but open for carry-out orders.

Cholita’s Mexican Restaurant
To go orders only. Dine-In serviced closed until further notice.

Chuck E. Cheese
Dine-In Closed. Carryout still available.

The Cookie Guy
They are suspending in-person deliveries to recipients other than the person place the order for at least the next two weeks.

Connie’s Mexico Cafe
Changing closing hours to 7pm effective 3/18.

Deano’s Grill & Tapworks
Dining room closed but curbside to-go available.

Dining room is closed but curbside carry-out is available.

Derby Donut
Dine-In Closed. Carryout and Curbside Delivery available.

District Taqueria
Restaurant closed temporarily until further notice.

Speakeasy has closed until further notice.

The Donut Whole
Dining room closed. Drive-thru will remain open. Temporary hours are also 6:30am to 6pm.

Doo-Dah Diner
Restaurant closed until further notice

Dining Room closed but drive-thru, carryout and delivery are still available.

Eberly Farm
Offering only take-and-bake meals starting Friday night.

Egg Cetera
Closed until further notice.

El Patio Cafe
Restaurant closed until further notice.

El Viejito Mexican Restaurant
Restaurant to close at 6pm effective 3/18. Stay tuned for more hour changes.

Elderslie Farm
Formal dining at Elderslie Farm closed until April 20th. Elderslie Creamery will remain open for self-service.

Emerson Biggins Old Town
Hours changed to close at 9pm daily.

Empire Tacos
No table side service or to-go orders taken inside. Only curbside and local delivery service available.

Espresso to Go Go
Closed until further notice.

Felipe’s Jr. Mexican Restaurant
Restaurant temporarily closed.

Firehouse Subs
Dine-In closed. Carryout and delivery service are currently available.

Fireside Grille
Restaurant has closed until further notice.

Five Guys
Starting 3/19 dining room is closed. To-go orders will be accepted and new hours closing at 8pm.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard
Dining room closed. Drive-Thru and carry-out orders only.

Fried Pies
Park City location closed
West Wichita drive-thru and delivery available.

Funky Monkeys Shaved Ice
Closed effective 3/19 until further notice.

The Fusion Restaurant
Dining room closed. Currently taking carry-out orders.

Gabby’s Peruvian Restaurant
Restaurant closed starting March 19th until further notice.

Gaga’s Grub
Food operations on hold until further notice.

Gambino’s Original 
Dining room closed and only accept drive-thru and carry-out orders until further notice.

Gambino’s Pizza
Buffet currently canceled until further notice.

Georges French Bistro
Restaurant to be closed for two weeks starting 3/18

Gladspoon (Towne East Location)
Closed until further notice

Godfather’s Pizza
Buffet canceled and dining room closed. Carryout and delivery are still available.

Grace Market
Dining room closed. Carryout and to-go orders only.

Green Mill
Carryout service only. Dining room has been closed.

Grinning Goblin Gaming Tavern
Temporarily closing starting 3/18 until further notice.

Hana Cafe
Open for carryout service only 11am to 2pm

Hanger One Steakhouse
Closed until further notice.

Hank Is Wiser Brewery
Temporarily closed until further ntoice.

Hereford House
Closed for two weeks starting March 17.

Hopping Gnome Brewery
Tap room closed but to-go beer orders available.

Il Vicino
Store hours changing to close at at 8pm

J.Rae’s Bakery
Hours changed to Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm.

Jack’s Coffee Shop
Closed until further notice.

Jimmie’s Diner
Temporary hours from 7am – 7pm.

Dining room and buffet closed. Take-out and delivery available.

Kimchi Korean Restaurant
Dining room is closed. Carryout is available.

Kirby’s Beer Store
Closed until further notice.

Kobe’s Japanese Steakhouse
Closed until further notice

Kookaburra Coffee
Curbside pick up and take out service only. No Dine-In. Hours changing starting March 23 to Monday – Friday 7am-1pm; Saturday 8am-1pm.

La Hacidenda Tacos & Tequila
Carry-out and catering orders only.

Larkspur Bistro & Bar
Effective 3/17 at 3pm, restaurant will be closing for two weeks. Plan to re-open April 1st.

Lava & Tonic
Closed until further notice.

Leslie’s Coffee House
Take out service only begins Tuesday 3/17. Dine-In area is closed.

Little Lion Cafe
Hours changing to 8am – 6pm everyday.

Livingston’s Diner
New temporary hours are 7am – 2pm.

Lola’s Bistro
Sunday brunch has been canceled. Dine-in, Curbside carryout and take-out are still open.

Lotus Leaf Cafe
Restaurant will be closed for the 2-4 weeks.

Louisiana Fried Chicken
Dining room is closed. Drive-thru and delivery available.

Lucky’s Everyday
Closed 3/17. Check their Facebook page for status update on when they will re-open.

Mama Nith’s Crawfish
Starting 3/19, delivery and carry-out only. Hours have changed to Monday – Friday: 11am to 8pm and Saturday & Sunday 11am – 8pm. Closed on Tuesday.

Dine-In closed. Carry-out, delivery and drive-thru still available.

All three stores closed temporarily

Available by takeout or curbside service. No dining in.

Molino’s Cuisine
Restaurant closed until April 1.

The Monarch
Bar hours changed to close at 10pm with kitchen closing at 9pm.

Muse Cafe
Closed until further notice.

New Lemongrass: Taste of Vietnam
Dining room temporarily closed. Carryout and delivery still available.

New Paradise Biryani Pointe
Buffet canceled until further notice. Restaurant serving regular menu for the time being.

Nippon Japanese Grill
Open only for drive-thru and pickup. Dining room is closed.

The No Bake Cafe
Hours changed to start opening at 3pm daily except still closed on Monday.

Noffy’s Sandwich Shop & Pub
Restaurant only open for carry-out. Dining room is closed.

Nifty Nuthouse
They have suspended giving out samples.

Norton’s Brewing Company
Dining room closed. To-go orders for food and beer are accepted at the walkup window in the beer garden.

NuWay Burgers
Dining room closed until further notice. Only drive-thru available.

Oak & Pie
Dining room closed but curbside to-go available.

Oh Yeah! China Bistro
Will close on 3/17 but open back tomorrow for regular business hours including dine-in.

Old Chicago
Restaurants closed effective 3/19 until further notice.

Old Spaghetti Factory
Restaurants have suspended operations for at least two weeks effective 9pm on 3/18/20.

Old Tokyo Steakhouse
Closed until further notice.

Olive Garden
Dine-In Closed, only Take-Out (Carside Service) and Delivery available

Outback Steakhouse
Dining room is closed. Curbside take-away and delivery are still available.

Paleterias Tropicana
Dining room closed but open for call-ahead to-go orders.

Panda Express
Dining rooms have been closed. Take-out, Delivery or Drive-Thru only.

Dining rooms closed but drive-thru and delivery are still available.

Closed until further notice.

Pho Chopstix
Dining room closed. Carry-out orders only. Hours have also changed Mon: Closed, Tues to Sat: 11AM – 8PM, Sun: 11AM – 3PM

Pho Cuong
Dine-In service closed until further notice. Carryout orders only.

Piatto Neapolitan Pizzeria
Dining room closed. Carry-out and delivery available.

Picasso’s Pizzeria
Hours have changed to 11-7pm and carryout/delivery service is available.

Pizza John’s (Derby)
Restaurant operations have been suspended until further notice.

PourHouse ICT
Dining room has been closed. Pickup and curbside to-go orders for food and beer are available Tuesday through Sunday 11am – 8pm.

Public at the Brickyard
Closing dining room and working on curbside & delivery service.

Puerto el Triunfo Restaurant
Closed from 3/17 to 3/31

Closed until further notice.

Restaurant has transitioned to To-Go orders only.

R Coffee House
Adjusted hours to M-F 7am – 2pm until further notice with carryout available between 4-6pm.

Redrock Canyon Grill
Starting 3/18, restaurant will only be offering Curbside To-Go.

Reverie Coffee Roasters
Madison hours of operation changed to 8-6am daily with carryout service only.
Dining room closed.

Roxie’s on the River
Closed from 3/16 to 3/21

The Rusted Rooster
Hours changing M-F 7am – 2pm, and Sat-Sun 8am – 2pm

Service has been reduced to only to-go orders until further notice.

San Salvador Cafe
Open for to go orders until further notice

Scooters Coffee
Any seating areas have been temporarily closed. Drive-thrus remain open.

Closed until April 2nd.

Shindigs Bar & Grill
Dining rooms have been closed. Carryout service still available.

Siena Tuscan Steakhouse
Dining room has been closed. Curbside pick-up service will be available.

Slim Chickens
Carry-out and Drive-Thru only starting 3/17.

Songbird Juice Co.
Open noon to 5pm daily for carryout only.

Southeast Carryout
Updated hours Monday – Saturday: 10:30am – 7pm.

Drive-Thru only per their website. They are not allowing indoor or outdoor seating.

Stearman Field Bar & Grill
Dining room closed but curbside to-go available.

Dine-In Closed, only Drive-Thru and Delivery available

Temporary hours are Monday through Saturday 4:30pm to 8:30pm, closed on Sunday.

Sweet Allie B’s / Limestone Beer Co.
Closing at 2pm until Friday when they resume for normal business hours.

The Sweet Spot
Closed until further notice.

Taco Bell
Drive-Thru only. No Dine-In.

Taco Fajita
Carryout Only starting 3/18

Taco Pronto
Dining room will be closed. Drive-Thru, Pick-Up and Call-In orders only moving forward.

Taco Shop
Their lobby will remain open for carryout orders only. Their drive-thru will remain open.

Taco Tico
Drive-Thru only. No Dine-In.

Taqueria La Chona
Closed until further notice.

Texas Roadhouse
Carryout orders only. No Dine-In until further notice.

Thai House
Dining room closed. Open only for carryout and to-go orders.

Third Place Brewing
Taproom will no longer be open. To go beers will be available for purchase from the east side window. Hours have also been reduced to Wednesday – Friday 5-8pm, Saturday 3-8pm, and Sunday 2-5pm.

Tight Ends
Closed for lunch Sundays thru Wednesdays.

Todd Brian’s Brick Street Cafe & Tavern
New temporary hours are Sunday to Thursday 11am-8:30am and Friday & Saturday 11am – 9:30pm.

Town & Country
Closed until further notice.

Tuptim Thai
Dining room is closed. Carryout and delivery available.

Twelve Restaurant & Bar
Dining room & bar closed 3/17 until April 1. Carryout and curbside pickup is available.

Two Olives
Restuarant dining has been closed until 3/28.

Ty’s Diner
Closed until further notice.

Unos Mas ICT
Updated hours Monday – Sunday 11am – 7pm

Vagabond Cafe
Closed until further notice.

Vietnom Nom
New temporary hours: M-Thu 11am-8pm, Fri-Sat 11am – 9pm

Villars Mexico Cafe
Restaurant hours changed to close at 7pm Monday thru Thursday.

Vora European
Restaurant closed temporarily effective 3/19

Vorshay’s Cocktail Lounge
Closed from 3/17 to 3/22

Watermark Books & Cafe
Dining room closed. Bookstore open from 8AM to 3PM Mon. through Sat. beginning 3/17

Wave / Adios Nachoria
Closed until further notice.

Dining rooms are closed but take-out, drive-thru and delivery still available.

Wichita Great Harvest
Dining room has been closed for dine-in.

XY Bar
Temporarily closed until further notice.

YaYa’s Eurobistro
Closed until tentatively April 1.

Zoe’s Kitchen
Dining room is closed but open for carryout orders.

If I’m missing any of if you are a restaurant owner with one to report, please email.

To nominate your restaurant or event to be considered for a review, please email us with your restaurant information. We are always open to suggestions.

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