Nieves de garrafa and other delicious treats available every weekend at Westway MarketPlace

Last summer I wrote about a food truck called La Morelense. They were a mobile vendor that specialized in ‘nieves de garrafa’.

Nieves de garrafa is a type of handmade, hand-churned ice cream native to Mexico. It’s much lighter than traditional ice cream with a creamy texture. The difference in this sorbet type of treat is how it’s prepared. Nieves are made in a cylinder properly known as “garrafas”. They mix fruit with a basic mixture of sugar and water, and put it in a tub lined with ice and salt. Then you churn it by constantly spinning the bucket around inside the wooden tub.  They also have raspados which are usually blended ice drinks made of various fruits, often (and at their best) seasoned with a generous hit of the savory and spicy condiment chamoy. It’s very similar to shaved ice.

2445 S Seneca, Wichita, Kansas 67217

Friday – Sunday: 10am – 6pm
Closed Monday – Thursday

Cash Only

While walking around Westway MarketPlace, I was shocked and delighted to see that La Morelense had a spot inside the flea market. No longer would I have to wait to see when the truck would be out. All I had to do was stop in on the weekends to get my cool little treats.

Before I dive into the rest, here’s a little video that shows you what to expect (video taken at their food truck):

The ice cream was priced at $2, $3 and $4 depending on the size you wanted. Their raspados were $4.

I went with their $2 sized cups of strawberry and mango which were two of my favorite flavors offered.

It’s ridiculously awesome. The ice cream did a much better job of staying cool than traditional shaved ice and other forms of ice cream. The texture was incredibly creamy with a sweet and flavorful aftertaste. Plus how often in Wichita can you get delicious homemade ice cream for a couple bucks?

They also had some tamales available for $1.50 a piece. I ordered their chili verde pork option and a couple chicken tamales.

To put it simply, I loved the flavor of the chili verde. There was a nice spicy kick to it. The problem was that was far and few between. A huge proportion of it was masa with little meat inside which was disappointing. I’ve definitely had better tamales in town.

Even with that, the nieves de garrafa is more than worth the trip especially if you’re already in the area. It’s something new to try for dessert lovers who enjoy branching out.

Here’s the menu:

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