One of the best street tacos you’ll find is at Tacos Chepe Food Truck

One of my favorite streets tacos in Wichita belongs to Tacos Chepe. For quite some time, they have been operating as a little popup out of someone’s backyard. I was shocked to see how many cars would line up parked in the driveway and yard. But the big crowds were there for a reason because the tacos were amazing. Last year, Tacos Chepe would expand and open up a food truck.



Cash Only

You’ll want to make sure you check their Facebook page to see when they’ll be out. I stopped in over the weekend as they were parked near the 3400 block of north Arkansas close to where Mr. Buds Brothers used to be.

Tacos were $2 each with five proteins available: al pastor, cabeza, costilla (beef rib), lengua and tripa. I did the typical Eddy thing and ordered every one of them.

Based off the aroma alone, I was getting super antsy and excited.

Soon the tacos were in my car and ready to be taken home. After the first bite, I could already tell these were still one of the best tacos in town.

Besides the flavor which was spectacular, what I loved about Tacos Chepe was how the proteins were spread in the tacos. Every single meat was chopped up in nice small pieces to almost a ground beef type of texture which made it very easily to consume.

I really enjoyed all the proteins but the costilla and al pastor stuck out as the most delicious. The al pastor was slightly sweet but with a mild kick to provide it a nice balance. The costilla was so tender and a regret was ordering just one. They provided two different salsas which were incredibly flavorful and just added an even bigger kick of heat that my taste buds were craving. Then there were the tortillas which did an amazing job of staying intact even with the long drive home. Cause who wants a soggy taco? Not me.

I get food in general is completely subjective to ones taste palate. But considering this blog is really the voice of this writer’s taste buds, I’m a HUGE fan of Tacos Chepe and definitely consider them one of the top five taco trucks in the city…. no question.

Here’s their menu:

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