Peace Love & Pie Food Truck Review

We’ve been to their restaurant but with our 2020 goal of stopping by every food truck we have yet to go to, our latest visit took us to the ICT Pop-Up Urban Park where we found Peace Love & Pie’s food truck.



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The food truck is the mobile version of the dedicated pie restaurant. It’s similar to the restaurant in the fact they serve most of what you’ll find at the restaurant including their list of rotating quarterly pies.

For our visit, we ordered their Brown Walnut Butter, Fleur De Sel Caramel Brownie, and Orange Creamsicle.

I gave one pie away but the other two we had right after walking over to the park were the Brown Walnut Butter and Orange Creamsicle. Just like our visit to the restaurant, the pies did not disappoint.

The Orange Creamsicle tasted exactly how you imagined it would be. It was very sweet and probably a pie better shared with another person. My only wish was the pie crust would be a little thicker. I really love their crust and would have loved more of it. A friend had the Brown Walnut Butter and was gushing over it. It was a rich but not too rich of a pie that she really enjoyed.

For dessert lovers, this would be the perfect complimentary food truck if you’re out grabbing lunch. Or if you just love sweets that much, just have pie for lunch.

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