Product Review: Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare

With the crazy amount of toilet paper flying off the shelves, we’ve decided to make a pivot and start reviewing one of the hottest items in Wichita right now.

What’s one of the best toilet papers? My vote goes to Cottonelle. They have different variations but my favorite is the Ultra ComfortCare which is in their purple packaging. It’s marketed as their softest with their trademarked CleaningRipples.

This is a 2-ply toilet paper with 284 sheets in a roll. It’s a higher-end brand that runs roughly $15-18 for an 18-pack or $12-13 for a 12-pack.

What makes Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare so great? Let’s go over the facts.

  • COTTONELLE CLEANRIPPLE TEXTURE– The ripple texture is great for grabbing every single spec stuck to your butt that didn’t make it to the toilet. Each ripple is like little fingers rubbing your bottom to make sure you get the clean feeling you desire. 
  • 3X STRONGER & 3X THICKER – Cottonelle is stronger and thicker than the leading national brand tissue paper and still flushes with ease. The stronger texture also makes for great teepeeing use. The toilet paper stays on the trees with ease with little to no ripping. 
  • 3X MORE ABSORBENT – Have a case of the runs? The super absorbent paper is just what you need to keep your undergarments unstained. 
  • COTTONELLE’S SOFTEST TOILET PAPER – You treat your head to a soft pillow, why now treat your bottom to pillow-like toilet paper?
  • The safeflush technology makes it safe for sewers and septic systems. 

I’ve had close to four decades of toilet paper experience which has only increased in usage when I became lactose intolerant. Throughout all the brands, Cottonelle has done such a tremendous job. This is a Five-Star toilet paper brand.

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