Taquiza Feliz teaches a lesson on delicious tacos

Have you ever heard of Taquiza Feliz? They are a school bus turned into a little taco truck of sorts. One of the newer mobile vendors is a little Mexican bus parked at 29th and Jackson in North Wichita.


Cash/Card Accepted

For now Taquiza Feliz is available Friday and Saturday from 5-11pm and on Sunday from 5-10pm. Due to the seasonality of any truck, I would recommend checking their Facebook page or calling them to see if they are open.

I stopped by over the weekend as I was in dire need of some street tacos. The menu consisted of tacos, ponchas, gringas, burritos and tortas. That evening they were out of tortas, ponchas along with cabeza and lengua. So my order was relatively simple: two carne asada tacos and two al pastor tacos.

It didn’t take long to get my tacos. What I loved about the tacos was the meats were finely chopped. On top of that, they were seasoned so well. If I had to choose a favorite between the two meats, I would honestly say both of them. Knowing how good both proteins were made me excited to go back when they had cabeza and lengua.

While it was a quick brief stop, I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner and can’t wait to return to try other items on the menu.

Here’s their menu:

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