The Angry Elephant Revisited

Inside Augustino Brewing is a BBQ restaurant that moved from the south side to take over the space to run the food operations. They are The Angry Elephant. Before COVID-19 took place, you could have their BBQ at both the restaurant side as well as the brewery. But for now, takeout is the only option. We’ve been to their south side location before for their BBQ and delicious pizzas. But on this visit, I had more family who wanted to try it so there were some first-time Angry Elephant diners in this review.

756 N Tyler Rd
Wichita, Kansas 67212

Tuesday – Thursday: 11am – 8pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am – 9pm
Sunday: 11am – 6pm
Closed on Monday


Cash/Card Accepted

So I want to preface this by saying if you come here, you are reading about our experiences as they are. Like it or not, sometimes things go well and sometimes they don’t. The whole point of this blog is to relay experiences that come from our visits to restaurants. With that here goes nothing:

I had planned to go pick up carryout at the same time as my cousin but things came up, so we had to go separately. I stopped by myself for lunch. On Tuesdays, they have a fried pork taco special of $2.50 tacos. My order was called in and when I stopped by it didn’t take long for it to arrive to my car.

While the tacos were a little on the greasy side, they were definitely some of the better fried pork tacos that I’ve had. Granted I’m not a fried taco fan, it was a Taco Tuesday and I felt obligated to celebrate. Each taco had a healthy amount of pork inside. Two was more than sufficient for lunch but since I ordered three, it was my duty to finish them. The taco shell was light and not so dense like some fried tacos can be. The Angry Elephant made sure the pork was the star of this show as it was the feature flavor in every bite.

For the second half, my cousin called in her order around noon for a 5:30 pm pickup. She arrived at that time to pick up the food with her family. They planned to eat their meal in the parking lot there as a drive back from the west side to Andover probably wasn’t best for the BBQ. Upon arriving, they handed her the wrong order. The staff there then realized the order was misplaced, so they told her they would get on it. She asked multiple times how long it would be as she had two young kids in the car.

Time and time went on and she decided to ask for her money back, but they told her the food would soon be ready. She decided to stand by and wait patiently but then realized soon never materialized. Then an hour later, the food finally came out. She noted The Angry Elephant was very apologetic and even comped her meal without asking, gave an extra free meal, cheesecake and shakes for the kids.

She took the food back to the car and her family of four had their dine-in experience inside the car. While not everything was pictured, they had a burger, the Pick 4 meal, a kids burger, cheesecake and shakes.

The kids loved EVERYTHING they had including the shakes as that would probably be zero shock to anyone. The portion size was fantastic and made for two parents who would be extremely full and tired driving back home. She mentioned some meats stuck out as better than others like the brisket.

While she wasn’t exactly happy with the unexpected wait, she did say the employee helping her out appeared to be genuinely sorry for what happened. She was thankful for the comped meal as it wasn’t exactly necessary. They were pleased with their dinners but also weren’t completely wowed by anything. This has been a place they’ve long wanted to go to as their friends have spoken well about the restaurant.

As you can The Angry Elephant was a tale of two different visits. One really good and the other obviously not as good.

What have your experiences been with The Angry Elephant?

Here’s their menu:

Happy Dining,

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3 thoughts on “The Angry Elephant Revisited”

  1. The food was great but the service was poor. We called in our order 3 hours early and when my husband got there to pick it up he waited an hour for it. They didn’t Own up to the fact that they lost our order until they brought out the food despite us asking multiple times if they had it. They told him he could have a $20 credit but didn’t give him anything stating that. We understand times are weird and stressful right now and would have just appreciated honesty. We gladly would have come back to get the food rather than waiting with our son getting told it was almost ready for an hour.

  2. They run out of food on Sundays way to often before 3pm most of the time. But when things run smoothly its great food. Unfortunately if one hiccup happens in the process its a house of cards falling down.

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