Cajun night at Louis Rose Hill Cafe

I wanted to spread the carryout love into Rose Hill. So while on a visit to our Wichita neighbors, one of my two stops took me back to Louis Rose Hill Café. On Saturdays, they have a Cajun special that varies every week. I LOVE Cajun food so was very happy to see my visit coincided with this evening special.

107 S Rose Hill Rd
Rose Hill, Kansas 67133

Monday – Saturday: 11am – 8pm
Closed on Sunday


Cash/Card Accepted

I called my order in and stopped by for a quick carryout. Throughout this whole COVID-19 craziness and my continual visits to restaurants, this is still not a sight I’m used to.

My order consisted of their Cajun special: Chicken and shrimp okra gumbo. Upon picking it up, the owner told me it was a dish he grew up on. His family is from Louisiana and his parents called it “gumbo filé vue” (I probably butchered that spelling). The okra and tomatoes in the gumbo are locally sourced. Knowing my appetite called for a ton of food, I also ordered the blackened catfish which seemed to pair well with the gumbo.

The blackened catfish tasted as good as it looked. There was a nice brownish-crusted coating from the charred spices that gave it a deep smoky flavor.

As mentioned earlier, it was a great dish that paired well with my gumbo. It came in a cup container to go and one I poured it out into a bowl, I was hit with the Cajun aroma I wish there was more of at Wichita restaurants. In hindsight, I should have used a wider bowl to really put on display everything in the gumbo.

With my first bite, I knew I loved it. It didn’t have a dark, rich flavor to it probably due to the lack of roux. Theirs was much lighter than others I’ve had but still very delicious. Seriously I’m such a sucker for anybody’s gumbo.

I think I devoured both dishes in under 10-15 minutes. I was starting to get full but didn’t want to quit eating.

It was a great stop by Louis Rose Hill Café and finally glad I was able to try something different on their menu besides the burgers.

Here’s the menu:

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