El Jalisco Mexican Restaurant Revisited

There’s one restaurant in south Wichita we haven’t been to in some time. At the request of a few readers, we decided to make a trek back to El Jalisco Mexican Restaurant. They are a small locally owned Mexican restaurant that serves many traditional favorites along with other items like and pupusas.

627 E 47th St
Wichita, KS 67216

Wednesday – Monday – 10:30am – 9:00pm
Closed on Tuesday


Cash/Card Accepted

We were in the mood for pupusas so I made sure to order a couple pork, bean and cheese ones. Then for our second dish, we went off the wall and tried the mojarra frita. It’s basically a whole fish deep-fried with its entire body intact.

At first glance it might be a little off putting but on the bright side there are no eyeballs so the fish isn’t staring back at you.

The exterior skin is very crispy and dry so you have to dig a little deep get any of the moist pieces of fish hiding underneath. This is a dish best eaten with hands as there are tons of bones inside. Even though the fish looks big lying on the to go box, there isn’t as much fish as you’d think to eat on. But with all the trouble, the fish was delicious. The beans and rice were on the average side though.

Next up were the pupusas. These are always best eaten on the spot. I’m not particularly sure they make great carryout meals if you have a long drive home ahead of you. But we still enjoyed the pupusas. The pickled vegetables offered a nice pop to the savory dish. There was a decent amount of stuffing inside to make them really filling. Since it’s going to be asked on social media, I’ll just answer it here.

While I really enjoyed the pupusas at El Jalisco, I’d still put San Salvador or Usuluteco above them. But please don’t take that as a knock on El Jalisco.

Between the mojarra frita and the pupusas, we were more than satisfied with our meal and would certainly return in the future.

Here’s the menu:

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  1. Our favorite place for Mexican food. They have the absolute best refried beans in the city. The family that owns the place are great and friendly.

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