First Look at B.C’s Kitchen

A restaurant recently popped up at 1412 E 9th street in the former space that held Korine’s Soul Food. lt’s an area of town that is very limited on dining options, so we swung by to get a taste of what the new B.C.’s Kitchen had to offer.

1412 E 9th St N, Wichita, KS 67214

Tuesday – Saturday: 12pm – 8pm
Sunday: 12pm – 7pm
Closed on Monday


Cash only

The restaurant serves a menu full of comfort foods that include wings, catfish, porkchops gizzards and more. There’s also a rotational menu of neckbones, oxtail, and other delicacies not often found around town.

On Thursdays, they have neckbones available so I made sure to set aside time on my calendar for some soul food goodness. I called my order in as it does take some time to prepare. Along with the neckbones, I ordered eight wings…. all with sweet heat.

The lady over the phone said everything would be ready in roughly 20 minutes….. and she was right on time when I arrived.

With the neckbones came my choice of mac & cheese and yams. The sides were so complimentary of each other. While the yams had a sweetness to them, the mac & cheese offered a surprising little kick that I really loved. The neckbones however were top-notch. There was a richness to them that I enjoyed with a beautiful aroma probably from the broth it was sitting in. The meat came off the bone fairly easily and was incredibly tender.

Next up were the wings. When I read the menu, I saw wing flavors were $1. I mistook that for wings were $1 and expected small sized wings and ordered eight of them.

To my surprise, they were large size whole wings. So don’t do what I did and order eight, that’s WAY too much food for one person…… especially on top of the neckbones.

I went with all sweet heat wings and there was a nice flavor to them. I’m not sure though there was much sweet heat to it. There was more of a sweet kick you in the back of the throat over and over and make your nose sweat heat to it. WOW! I have a pretty high tolerance for heat and these wings took that to the test. Maybe 2 or 3 wings would be sufficient.

Overall I was very happy with the food and will have to go back when they have oxtail. Of all the soul food dishes, that’s probably my favorite.

I’d be game to go back and check out B.C.’s Kitchen. I’m all for the small little gems off the beaten path and this one definitely fit the bill. Add in the super nice lady working the kitchen and it’s a place everyone looking for comfort/soul food should try.

Here’s the menu:

Happy Dining,

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