First Look at the best egg rolls in town: Rice & Roll by Xing Xing

What started off as a home-based business now has their own storefront. Rice & Roll By Xing Xing opened in the former Nam Viet space at 1920 E Pawnee.

Last year, they were selling around 1,000 egg rolls a day. It was insane business that just proved people loved the food. After having to stop, they went on the hunt for a space to achieve owner, Tuong Huynh’s dream of her own restaurant.

Since then messages poured into my inbox asking if egg rolls from Xing Xing were ever coming back. It was literally the single most asked about food I can recall getting.

1920 E Pawnee
Wichita, Kansas 67211


Cash/Card Accepted

On my visit, I stopped in for carryout as that was all they were taking. My order consisted of two dozen egg rolls. Over time, they will release a full menu but to get things going they have focused on their most popular item.

Orders can be placed by messaging them on Facebook or calling them.

Here’s the current pricing for egg rolls:

I went with two dozen. Upon stopping in, I found out they already sold over a thousand egg rolls in day one and couldn’t take any more orders for opening day. That’s speaks volumes on how much excitement there is.

Xing Xing’s egg rolls are Vietnamese style meaning they are thin fresh paper wrappers and thinner/smaller in nature. Some people are accustomed to the Chinese style egg rolls which are thick, filled with tons of cabbage and have a heavy exterior.

I’m personally more fond of the Vietnamese style partially because that’s what I was raised on. Every bite reminded me of my childhood. The egg rolls were filled with pork, carrots, taro and onion. They were by no means greasy; they were thin with a slight crispy exterior and wonderful. The sweet chili sauce was also homemade.

If Rice & Roll by Xing Xing were to steal a slogan, I’d highly recommend Pringles because once you pop, you can’t stop. After eating one egg roll, I had to continue on and on until I was stuffed.

Rice & Roll by Xing Xing

These are my favorite restaurant egg rolls in town. I’ve had some good options around Wichita but these take the cake. I’ll be a repeat customer for sure and can’t wait to see what their expanded menu offers. Be sure to follow them on Facebook.

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