First Look at Tacos La Costeña

One of the newer food trucks hitting the streets of Wichita is Tacos La Costeña. Lately the truck has been parked near Central & Tyler every day except for Monday. Tuesdays have been a popular day for them because of their dollar taco Tuesday special. Is it worth the visit? Let’s find out!



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On my first visit, I went with a handful of different tacos: asada, chicken, al pastor, lengua and tripe.

The single shell tortilla tacos were reminiscent to Taco Fajita but slightly bigger. If you’re used to having your tacos filled with a ton of meat, keep your expectations tempered. I noticed they were a little light on the meat but was more focused on how good they were.

After finishing all seven tacos, I was by far most impressed with their tripe tacos. I love grilled tripe that has a nice crunchy texture to it and isn’t so fishy or pungent in flavor. Tacos La Costena really nailed it on that one.

All the other tacos were pretty good but none were more memorable than the tripe ones. My second, maybe third, favorite was probably the al pastor but I’m not sure I’d put it in the discussion as one of my top five favorite options in town. The lengua wasn’t so bad either. It wasn’t as fatty as other trucks which was a good thing. Theirs had more substance and a better texture.

For me, I’d definitely go back for the tripe but I get that style of taco isn’t for everybody. At a dollar a taco for most meats on a Tuesday, I felt satisfied with my tacos and would be up for trying their breakfast burrito or other menu items in the future.

Overall a decent little first visit that was good enough for me to make a return visit in the near future.

Here’s their menu:

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