Let’s call it the #FoodItForwardICT movement.

I heard an example of it earlier this week with Leo’s Taqueria giving out a free meal to a family.

Another one took place this morning from a local breakfast restaurant. I wish I heard about this earlier so I could have informed everybody. But earlier this morning, Kelly’s Family Diner gave out free breakfast to anybody in need. The meal included scrambled eggs, bacon and mini-pancakes.

The restaurant which has been temporarily closed wanted to do their part. They were asking people to stay in there car and had curbside delivery to anybody who was in need of a breakfast no questions asked.

This is not a first-time act of kindness for the diner. They’ve given out free meals before such as Thanksgiving dinners for the needy.

Just another kind of kindness from our restaurant community with an owner who decided to #FoodItForwardICT.

Give them some love on social media via their Facebook page.

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