It’s the #FoodItForwardICT movement.

Many restaurants have been giving back to the community and we want to highlight those businesses who are doing what they can to bring a smile in terms of food.

This time it wasn’t a restaurant but a local supplier of flatware, Knork.

With all the generosity that’s been going around with small businesses, Knork got in on the food. They have lots of truckers and drivers that come to their building for daily pickups.

To show them some gratitude and appreciation for working through this chaos, they set up little cool gift baskets with gifts from local businesses. So it was a local business paying it forward to another local business with products from local businesses. It’s like a triple win!

In the gift baskets were prairy bites from Prairy, jerky from Stroot Locker-Goddard and gift cards to Spangles, Oasis Lounge, Steve’s Jams and Jellies, and Wichita Brewing Co & Pizzeria.

Bravo! Give them some love on social media via their Facebook page.

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