Guess who’s back? Art’s & Mary’s makes their return to Dillons!

Have you been by Dillons this week yet? If so, you may see a familiar friend by the name of Art’s & Mary’s. The popular chip company has made their return and will start to appear in Dillons stores sporadically across the state.

Eventually every Dillons in Kansas will get Art’s & Mary’s, some will get them sooner than others depending on delivery routes.

I’ll leave that treasure hunting up to you on which Dillons will have them on their shelves. For now, the re-introduction of the chips will start with four flavors: No Salt, Salt ‘N Vinegar, Original and my true love, Jalapeño.

There’s just something about the chips I love dearly. Perhaps it’s the good crunchy taste of each jalapeño chip that packs a subtle hot punch in every bite. Keep eating the kettle chips and that punch continues to grow. It’s the most flavorful jalapeño chip I’ve ever had. They leave a nice warm feeling in your mouth.

Good luck on your quest this week for Art’s & Mary’s. I used to have six bags in my kitchen but am already down to four.

Happy Dining,

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1 thought on “Guess who’s back? Art’s & Mary’s makes their return to Dillons!”

  1. My favourite chips jalapeno. I met art and Mary at Kingman Lake 1995. I told them don’t ever stop making these Chips. I think the best ever in the United States. Thank you for bringing them back. Soar ever customer❤

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