Heading to Cheney, KS for some D’mario’s Pizza

Usually my trips to Cheney, KS are reserved for Hank Is Wiser Brewery. But with extra time on our hands, we decided to make the drive there to try a couple different restaurants. One of those stops took us to Cheney Lanes bowling alley where you can find D’Mario’s Pizza.

1635 Cheney Rd
Cheney, Kansas 67025

Open Daily: 11am – 8pm


Cash/Card Accepted

In small town Kansas, you can always expect a few places like a dedicated burger joint and a pizza option. D’Mario’s checks that box for Cheney, KS. They are located right off of U.S. 400 as you enter Cheney, you can’t miss the big parking lot.

Going into the bowling alley, I already knew which pizza I was going to order. Their signature menu item is the “MAGNUM” which weighs around 5 pounds. It’s a loaded pizza with all the toppings.

Along with a pizza, I ordered a lasagna and spaghetti for the kids and some cheese sticks.

The spaghetti and lasagna were fairly basic but perfect for the kids. One of the kids really enjoyed the lasagna though and loved how much meat was in the meat sauce poured over the top. It was a big upgrade from his usual Chef Boyardee beefaroni or lasagna canned meals for lunch.

How about the cheesesticks though? It was essentially a personal pan pizza with a nice layer of cheese over the top. The dough was baked to the right temperature to offer a nice crisp exterior but with a cheesy soft kick with every bite. So simple yet effective.

And last but not least was the D’Mario’s Magnum. They weren’t kidding about the weight. Each slice was loaded with more toppings one person would deem necessary. Whether it was beef, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers, olives, tomatoes, every bite was loaded with various flavors. It’s a very heavy pizza not just from a weight perspective but the sauce gave a light acidic pop. Most people had 1-2 slices and called it a day. A large would be more than enough for lunch and dinner.

Overall, it was a very nice little visit to Cheney. I’ve had many recommendations from people to stop by D’Mario’s and glad I was finally able to knock that off my restaurant list.

Here’s their menu:

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