Hunger Games: The Wichita Restaurant Bracket Championship – Bella Luna vs. Tanya’s Soup Kitchen

Download The Updated Final Four Tournament Bracket

From 68 all the way down to two. Our championship match-up has been determined.

It’ll be Bella Luna Cafe vs. Tanya’s Soup Kitchen.

With COVID-19 causing the cancellation of Selection Sunday, we were all left without a bracket to look at. So weeks ago I put together a 68 restaurant tournament bracket for readers to vote on throughout this stay-at-home order. After days and days of voting, the voters have voiced their opinions and the majority won out.

To catch you up on things, the bracket was broken up into four regions with restaurants chosen to represent each region. The voting took place and the winner of each region were as follows:

East Region: Bella Luna Cafe
West Region: HomeGrown
South Region: N&J Cafe
Central Region: Tanya’s Soup Kitchen

On one side of the bracket, Bella Luna Cafe battled it out with N&J Cafe. Over 2,400 votes poured in and Bella Luna came out on top getting 56% of the vote. On the other side of the bracket, things were much more heated. At the twelve hour mark of voting, over 2,800 votes came in and just seven votes separated HomeGrown and Tanya’s Soup Kitchen. It was an alarmingly close matchup that came down to the very end where Tanya’s Soup Kitchen pulled away late in the voting and took home 52% of the 3,700+ votes.

Now both winners must face off in a winner take all, bragging rights, Championship Match Up. The voting starts later this evening and will run for 24 hours. You can participate on the Wichita By E.B. Facebook page. Two deserving long time stalwarts in the dining community will go head to head in what could be a very epic voting. Only one can win so who will it be? It’s up to you to decide.

Disclaimer: This was and is meant to be all just for fun with the winner receiving nothing but bragging rights. If you’re mad your favorite restaurant still isn’t in it, go eat a Snickers.

I do have ONE REQUEST. When you vote, ask yourself if you’re voting for what you truly feel is the BEST or if you’re just voting to support said place based on other reasons. Obviously there is no way to regulate it but I just wanted to throw that out there.

So with that said, here’s the updated bracket. For better viewing, download your copy here.

Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!

May the best restaurant win.

Happy Dining,

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