A group led by Jeff Breault and R&J Liquor has been spearheading a relief fund to assist those hospitality workers who lost their job because of COVID-19. The effort is called ICT Bar Rescue.

ICT Bar Rescue was formed by long time Wichita charity, Cars for Charities, to help Wichita hospitality workers in this unprecedented time of crisis.

Thousands of jobs have been lost or in jeopardy right here in Wichita and funds from this effort go directly back to the Wichita community.

R & J Discount Liquor kick started the campaign back in March covering all startup costs, donated $5,000, and matched the next $5,000. Many other banks around the community have also stepped up with donations which are all tax-deductible.

The goal behind ICT Bar Rescue is to provide grants up to $500 to as many qualifying people as possible. To date, nearly $90,000 has been raised out of the $500,000 goal.

So far $70,000 in grants have been given out to 140+ Wichita hospitality employees.

To donate to the cause or apply, please visit https://www.ictbarrescue.com/.

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