The lowdown on which Dillons you can find Art’s & Mary’s

Here are the questions I’ve received through PM’s, DM’s and emails:

  • Art’s & Mary’s is back?
  • Where can I get them?
  • Which Dillons locations can I get them at?
  • Can you get me a back and I will pay you back?

I opted to be discreet as possible and let everybody go out on their own treasure hunting. After all, I’ve had to do it myself multiple times for rare items like Pumpkin Spice Spam, Dr Pepper Vanilla Float Soda, and more recently toilet paper so I could make sure my butt was clean especially after my Taco Bell review.

After a day of shopping, I had numerous reports from people letting me know where they found their Art’s & Mary’s chips which returned Monday to Dillons.

Thanks to some insider information, here’s which Dillons have already stocked them and when you can expect the other Dillons locations to have them. So don’t say I never did anything for you guys.

These Dillons have already been stocked (and possibly sold out):
South Seneca
Harry & Edgemoor
Rock & Central
47th & Broadway
37th & Woodlawn
Harry & Webb
Central & Maize
10304 W 13Th St N
21st & Maize
2212 N Maize Rd
Derby Marketplace

Dillons scheduled to be stocked 4/29:
College Hill
21st & Amidon
13th & West
Andover Marketplace

Dillons scheduled to be stocked by the end of the week:
Central & West
13th & Tyler
135th & Maple

If you stopped by a Dillons that was listed as “Already Stocked” and came up empty-handed that means one of two things, 1.) You went too early or 2.) They are sold out.

Don’t fret, I was told some of the bigger Marketplaces should be receiving another shipment if not already. The only challenge left is finding out exactly what time of day those shelves will be stocked

Best of luck on your search for Art’s & Mary’s. This is Wichita By E.B. literally chip’n in to your food cravings.

Happy Dining,

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