How did The Kitchen’s Chef Natasha Gandhi-Rue fare on Guy’s Grocery Games?

Last night, The Kitchen owner Chef Natasha Gandhi-Rue, appeared as a contestant on Food Network’s competition series Guy’s Grocery Games. On the show, she competed against three other chefs in a “Clearance War” edition of the reality show for the chance to win up to $20,000.

So how did she do? Well she won the whole thing on top of the $20,000 grand prize!

Gandhi-Rue along with the other chefs were given random clearance items they had to incorporate into their dishes. Like many other cooking shows, these clearance items were twists to test the creativity. The items were marshmallows, shrimp ramen noodles (YUM!), jarred Giardiniera and Frosted Flakes.

During the show, there were three elimination challenges testing their culinary skills. Each challenge featured a theme which consisted of a High End Dinner, Cheesy Comfort Food, and Spicy Seafood Feast. Each round, a chef was eliminated from the competition. Gandhi-Rue survived all the way to the end where she was named winner of Guy’s Grocery Games.

To sweeten the pot, she was given the chance to win $20,000. She was given five clues to find five items in the grocery store in two minutes. Each item she found was worth $4,000. Those five clues:

  • Boxed American classic that contains small hollow noodles and a dehydrated dairy product.
  • Fresh green herb commonly served as a garnish also helps with bad breath.
  • Hand-held cheese snack that gets its name from how its torn apart.
  • This frozen tart fruit got its name because the bush it grows on looks like a crane.
  • Mix this with vodka to create a drink that sounds like a common hand tool.

She solved all five clues (Mac & Cheese, Parsley, String Cheese, Cranberries, and Orange Juice) to win $20,000.

I chatted with her this morning about the win and she said, “The show was so much fun! Honestly before being selected I used to say … GGG was the toughest food competition show! You can’t plan at all not even between rounds. It truly tests your abilities to put unlikely ingredients into dishes! I loved it.”

After the show, Gandhi-Rue also hosted a Facebook live questionnaire that went over some questions fans had which you can view below:

With the appearance, Gandhi-Rue launched her new YouTube channel called Cooking with You and Natasha Gandhi-Rue where she will be giving cooking lessons. Episode one has already dropped called: Cooking Steak on the Stove & Making a Red Wine Pan Sauce.

For more from Chef Natasha Gandhi-Rue follow her Facebook page or check out The Kitchen.

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