Pizza John’s and Wichita Great Harvest jumping back into the fray of things

Some of you will be very excited for this update. Two more restaurants have reopened recently:

Pizza Johns’s at 208 S Baltimore in Derby, KS is back open as of today. The popular pizza restaurant will be open from 11-8 for now for curbside and deliveries only. They will not be accepting cash, nor will the drivers be accepting cash tips. Their deliveries will be no contact with the  driver placing the food on your step and ringing the bell. Also, they have made online delivery available all day which you can visit at

Wichita Great Harvest is also ready for your taste buds at 535 N Woodlawn. The bakery that serves fresh bread and goodies is open for breakfast and lunch with curbside pickup and delivery via UberEats. You can also order online here.

In case you missed it as it wasn’t posted but for those who are on the road, TheBarn in Burrton, KS from Monday to Saturdya 11am to 7pm.

Lastly, Angelo’s Italian Restaurant will be closed from April 14th to April 20th due to a deficit of employees. According to their Facebook page, they need time to streamline their operations and figure out a plan for the following week. 

To view a complete list of restaurants open and closed because of COVID-19, check out the original most complete Who’s Open and Closed List of dining options in Wichita. At the same time, you can view a list of all available Family Meals in town here.

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