Pollo Express Revisited

While looking to cure my addition to tacos, I decided to revisit Pollo Express. They are the highly popular Mexican restaurant at the southwest corner of Pawnee & Meridian.

With carryout, drive thru and delivery available, the options are endless on how to get your Pollo Express.

2501 W Pawnee
Wichita, KS 67213

Monday – Saturday: 10am – 9pm
Closed on Sunday


Cash/Card Accepted

On my visit, I ordered a chicharron burrito, a tripa tacos, a couple al pastor tacos and a few transmission tacos.

If you’ve never heard of transmission tacos, they are a slightly greasier taco compared to the rest of the menu. It is carne asada topped with cilantro and grilled onions seasoned  and a wedge of juicy lime.

With my most recent visit to Pollo Express there were some highs and lows to the food.

To start the transmission tacos were VERY dry. All the salsa in the world wasn’t going to help the meat, the carne asada was completely dried out. It was not like any other transmission taco I’ve had in the past.

The tripa taco was flavorful yet very chewy. It all comes down to personal preference on how you like your tripe and I prefer mine to be grilled with a crispy texture.

The big winner of all the tacos were the al pastor. It was tender, not overly seasoned and just a delicious taco. A big positive takeaway from all the tacos though was the portion size. They are big tacos for the $2 and change you’ll spend.

My dinner ended on the chicharron burrito which ended up being a three-hour dinner because it was so large. I had to spread the meal out over multiple hours to finish it. Inside the burrito were big chunks of tasty chicharron spread throughout the burrito. Rice, beans and sour cream also filled the interior to provide even more substance….. much more than any one single person would need on a dinner.

Transmission Tacos

There were some positives and negatives to the meal. Portion sizes were great, some meats were better than others, the tortillas were a little on the flimsy side, price was nice, and the people there have always been friendly.

Here’s the menu:

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