A taste of Argentina’s Empanadas in Wichita

Variety in our Wichita food community is always a good thing. A genre of food that’s been missing in town has been Argentinian food. One family in town is hoping to change that but starting on a smaller scale. Argentina’s Empanadas is a home-based business selling empanadas.

Call to order – 316-559-5650

The family based business started off as a mother-daughter project. The mother who is Argentinian took a class from an award-winning chef on making empanadas. After the class, the mother and daughter spent time perfecting the recipe until one day realizing maybe it could turn into a business. Thus, Argentina’s Empanadas was born.

They’ve been taking orders over the phone and the response has been very positive so far. Based off of what I saw online, I figured I should jump in on the fun. A dozen empanadas cost $25 for a dozen. At the moment they only have two types: steak and chicken. Over time, they hope to expand that number to 11 but wanted to start small.

I ordered a mix of beef and chicken.

They came with Argentine Chimichurri which is an olive oil base with fresh herbs and spices with a lime squeeze.

Upon opening the packaging, the aroma was breathtaking. The fresh-baked dough smell was amazing. I made sure not to waste much time as I was told they were baked within the past hour.

So I dug in as quick as I could and didn’t stop eating until they were gone.

Each empanada was prepared with beef which had the Argentine Chimichurri inside or chicken which had marinara inside. From there, each empanada was also stuffed with white/green onion, red/green peppers, green olive, a hard-boiled egg and their spice blend. I was told the dough was also handmade.

The proof was in the pudding (or empanada in this case). From the freshness to the quality, I was impressed to the moon with my meal. The dough was soft but still had a hard enough texture to keep it all intact. I’m still not sure what I enjoyed more, the breading or the stuffing. Both were beyond amazing.

While talking with them during the delivery, a brick & mortar restaurant is certainly in their future goals. At the moment, they wanted to gauge interest and perfect their craft. Should I hear more on future restaurant plans, I’ll be sure to let you all know. But until then, I highly recommend the empanadas. I can’t wait to place an order and bring them to my next dinner party.

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