Big B’s Beef aiming for a June food truck opening

What’s the latest on Big B’s Beef?

Originally the former restaurant was hoping for a 2019 food truck opening but things got derailed and moved to 2020. With the stay-at-home order, the owners have been working hard at getting the truck ready.

The truck is officially ready and the last hurdle is the final inspection which they are waiting on.

For the uninitiated, Big B’s Beef which at one time was located at 605 W Douglas where Sakura Japanese Cuisine is closed down in 2014. They specialized in Chicago-style style sandwiches, hot dogs, fries, soups and Italian beef and sausage. They made an announcement for a return in the form of a food truck.

That day is almost upon us. I spoke with the owners this evening and they are now aiming for an opening during the first week of June. Of course, all this depends on the inspection but that’s the plan. Once I find out an official grand opening, I’ll be sure to pass it on.

Keep your eyes peeled and be sure to follow their Facebook page to stay up to date.

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1 thought on “Big B’s Beef aiming for a June food truck opening”

  1. I was going to them when they were on south Seneca in that tiny little building that housed Sweet Willy’s BBQ later. I sure hope this finally works because I need an Italian beef really badly…

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