Checking out Bierocks Babe’s bierocks and baklava

I was given a heads up about a local home-based business called Bierocks Babe selling original and Vegan bierocks and baklava. I’m all for a good bierock and was instantly interested.

The bierocks can be ordered online via their Website for delivery; they are also at random events around town. I found them at The COOP and Coffee House in Derby.

Call to Order – 316-990-0681

The bierocks cost $7 for a classic and $8 for Vegan. It was $5 for a classic baklava and $6 for the Vegan version. Compared to many places around town, that’s certainly at the higher end of the spectrum. But I’m also always of the belief that price doesn’t matter if the food is worth it.

During my visit out to The COOP, I picked up two classic bierocks and a classic baklava. I popped it in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds and it came out at the right temperature.

According to their webpage, the bierocks included Top Quality Beef, Cabbage, Cheese, a Pinch of Mushrooms, and Salt combined with their German Spices surrounded by their homemade dough.

I have to hand it to them, the homemade dough was magnificent. The texture was so soft, the aroma made you think you were right there in the kitchen when it was made and the flavor was everything you would want it to be. It was definitely 5-star dough.

Where I felt letdown though was the filling. Here is the picture I saw advertised on their Facebook page.

Here’s what I purchased. It was a huge night and day difference from what I was hoping for and what I received. I was given a certain expectation based off of what I saw. I had to apologize to my stomach for the letdown.

The glimmer of hope was everything inside tasted great. You could notice the higher quality of ingredients. It was just unfortunate there was just a small amount stuffed in the bierock.

As for the baklava, it was made with phyllo, walnuts, pistachios, butter, lemon and sugar. There are different styles of baklava and this was a Greek version. It was sweet as one would imagine, and the sheets of phyllo dough wasn’t as hard as others I’ve had.

To be honest, it’s not a dessert I order often. But for what I had, I enjoyed it.

I was really excited upon getting the bierocks. There were some huge positives such as the amazing dough and the quality of ingredients. But from a cost standpoint and how much filling was inside for what was advertised, it left me questioning whether I would order them again. The million dollar question for me (or 7 question) is, “They were good but was that enough to justify the price?” I really don’t know.

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