Checking out Mr. Elotes Corn In Cup

If you stop by El Rio Brave Supermarket at Westway Marketplace, you may come across a little mobile trailer at the entrance before going into the actual grocery store. A yellow cart called Mr. Elotes Corn In Cup is parked right at the automatic sliding doors.

And to me, little carts matter too so here’s your next food review.

2501 S Seneca St
Wichita, Kansas 67217

Store Hours: Open Daily 7am – 10pm

Cash Only

After a quick Google search, it looks like this may not be the only one in the country. There’s another kiosk under the same name and logo at The Park Mall at Arlington in Texas. But all that didn’t prevent me from still giving this a try.

Their menu consisted of one thing: elote in a cup. I looked around the cart to see what all options they had. The lady working said to me, “Todo?” Thanks to my 20 credits hours of Spanish at Wichita State University, I knew that meant everything. So I just said yes to make it easier.

A cup of elote cost $4 cash. I love elote and wanted to really love it but just felt I’ve had much better at many places throughout Wichita. The corn was a bit soggy and was short on butter and everything else that makes elote delicious. There were some good parts to the elote like the Tajín seasoning, hot sauce and the zest of the lime juice on top but elote comes down to the corn. While I easily finished the cup, I’ve definitely had better in town.

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